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Our mission is help people find God, grow in their faith, discover their purpose, love Jesus, have fun and change the world.

Charis Church started in 1980 in Killeen, Texas as a house that was devoted to serving God, with all of their heart, mind, soul and strength, and people with love, care and kindness. Right from its inception it was designed to be a house where the presence of God would abide. To this very day that is our heartbeat and passion. We want God to not just come with a visitation, but even more, a habitation. Throughout the decades Charis Church has grown into a multigenerational and multicultural community that has touched our city of Killeen, the region, the state of Texas and the world.

We are passionate about raising up another generation of kids and young people who will serve the Lord in their generation. When people come to Charis Church we want them to know that this is a safe place. No one in the church is perfect or has arrived. So, we dare to make it a place for those who may been burned out with religion, those who may have experienced church hurt and/or maybe have never have been to a church before in their life. We want everyone to feel welcomed and loved. That is the core of the gospel of Jesus.

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