You should feel confident leaving your little one with us! Each service, you will be asked to complete a Nursery Care card so you can express your wishes regarding feeding and
sleep times. You know your child best and we want to honor their schedule, whenever possible. You are welcome to check on your child at any time, by viewing them on our safety camera.


Our nursery classes are divided into age 0-11 months and 12-23 months. We have a
variety of swings, rockers, bouncers, and toys available. We have a minimum of two
volunteers at all times and add volunteers as the numbers of infants increases. We only
allow female volunteers to change diapers.


We have a curriculum for all ages, including babies! Each month we share a Bible story,
using colorful teaching pictures, videos and props. For each service we worship and pray
with and over every child.


You are welcome to pick your child up at any time to nurse. A peaceful nursing mom’s
room is available in the Worship Center next to the nursery, for you to use. Which has
rockers, dimmed lighting, and service playing on the tv.


Kids to adult ratio:
Our toddler rooms are divided by age: 2 & 3 year olds. Each classroom will have a minimum of 2 volunteers at all times. We only allow female to change diapers.

Class Time:
Our toddler curriculum is age-specific lessons that capture kid’s attention and imagination while fun activities help with scripture memorization. Because toddlers learn best by repetition, we repeat the same theme for an entire month. We share a Bible story, worship
together, and have craft time during each service.

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